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Video: Choose A Healthy Tray

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Choose A Healthy Tray

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Choose A Healthy Tray: watch this video featuring products available on


Choose A Healthy Tray: watch this video featuring products available on

Choose A Healthy Tray Dry Erase Menu Boards



The Choose A Healthy Tray Dry Erase Menu Board makes it easy to display daily menu items directly on a school lunch tray within each food category. Each board is coated with dry erase laminate and mounted on foam board with grommets in the upper corners for easy hanging. Great to use in the cafeteria and the classroom! Bright, colorful boards come with two free dry erase markers with easy wipe-off caps.

Video Transcript

Here at Positive Promotions, designed in accordance with the new USDA nutritional standards, our Choose A Healthy Tray products familiarize students with good nutrition to help fill their school meal tray accordingly.  With following the USDA guidelines, fruits and vegetables make up half the tray, while whole grains, lean proteins, low-fat or fat-free milk round out the perfect tray for each school day.
Our large dry erase menu board is perfect for the cafeteria!  It displays the day’s menu of health food making it easy for students to decide how to fill their own trays. 
The medium dry erase board is excellent for the classroom!  Here you have students write what their favorite healthy tray would look like or get them to vote on which foods should go in each compartment for the day. 
Both boards come with two dry ease markers with easy wipe-off caps!  These boards are an excellent way to take action in your schools and community, to show students a fun way to enjoy a well-balanced meal.